Frequently Asked Questions:

Can guests make requests?

This is entirely up to the people in charge of the event. If they would like guests to be allowed to request music we are happy to do so, if they would rather us stick to a set play list that is fine as well!

What if we need a song that is rare or not common?

While we have a very large library music it is possible that you might want a song we do not currently have. If you have access to a copy we may be able to play that.

How loud do you play music?

This is up to the people in charge of the event. We are happy to do a sound test before your guests arrive to make sure we play music at the right volume for your event.

How will you dress for the event?

Clothing is choosen based on the event. A more formal event will require a suit and tie well something less formal may not require that. We do NOT dress in sloppy clothing.

Do you hang banners or other advertisements?

No. Our advertisement is the quality of our service.

Is set up and teardown time included in your price?

Yes, all prices including the time required to set up our equipment and tear it down.